Want to grow your indoor plants better?  Our LED Grow-Lite series, ALL-OSPAR38-A and ALL-OSPAR38-B are what you are looking for.  Both are great for growing plants better than the sun!

Our Glow-Lite, All-OSPAR38-C, has the magic to bring out the mouth-watering color in fresh meats or seafood that are irresistible to your customers.  Great in the Fresh Food section in the supermarkets. They are sure to boost your sales!

ALL-Grow-Lite and Glow-Lite: $36.67

New Arrivals

Our High-Power LED light bulb, ALL-OS2715-18W, has the brightness that is unbeatable for its wattage!  It is warm white and only consumes 18 W. It is so bright that it keeps mosquitoes away!

ALL-OS2715-18W: $21.60

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LED Vintage Bulbs

LED Grow and Glow Lite

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LED High-Power Bulbs

Tired of the opaque LED light bulbs?  Our LED Vintage Bulbs offer a classic look of a light bulb with a clear cover.  Its warmth and brightness light up your living quarters undiminished!

The A60 bulbs in 2700 K give out warm white color and the G80 bulbs in 2300K give out an even warmer and inviting color that is sure to light up your day.

ALL-Vintage-A60/8W/2700K: $6.60
ALL-Vintage-A60/6W/2700K: $5.40
ALL-Vintage-G80/4W/2300K: $5.10