Andromeda LED Lighting, LLC.

An Insider Scoop on our Business Partner

Andromeda LED Lighting only carries and sells top quality LED lighting products.  Here are a few facts about our corporate business partner that we want you to know.

1. They were the first in the LED lighting business who invented LED light panels using COB technology in 2005.  Their LED light sources produced 2-dimensional uniform surface light, as opposed to the light from the point light sources by other competitors.  They were the trend setter.  There have been quite a few imitations on the market after their pioneering invention.

2. They were the first to use COB technology and invent LED lighting panels that exceeded 100 lm/W in 2007.  A record breaking accomplishment back then!

3. Our business partner was recruited by Jacky Wu 吳宗憲 (an A-list high profile celebrity in Taiwan) to lead as the CTO of Wu's LED company (Alpha Photonitek corporation) back in 2008.

4. Our business partner was and is in charge of the R&D of LED lighting product inventions.  Accumulatively, there are numerous patents (some pending) in Taiwan, China, Japan, America, England, France, and Germany.

Company Profile

Andromeda LED Lighting, LLC is a company with its strengths in R&D in LED lighting and sells quality LED lighting products.  Partnering with an R&D team located in Taiwan, we have been awarded numerous patents (some pending).   You are invited to take a look at an array of our patents.

Inferior LED lighting products usually sell at a very low price to attract innocent customers, and the products don't always perform well or last that long as they claim.

Our quality LED lighting products are better than what is on the market in that our products are primarily made with the COB or COBplus technology (patented in America, Taiwan, and China) and we sell at a very reasonable price.  See our products to find out more.

The comparison chart tabulates the comparisons of power consumption, electricity cost, light bulb cost, and CO2 emission for LED, fluorescent, and incandescent light bulbs.

Engineered with a greener future in mind, our mission is to light the world with the energy efficient LED lighting products and help reduce CO2 emission.  Save our planet Earth and your money by switching to LED lighting products today.  Throw away your incandescent, recycle fluorescent, and start using LED lighting products.

Contact us for further information.  We'd be happy to assist you in taking care of your lighting needs.